Andrea Maselli

Researcher in Theoretical Physics

La Sapienza University
Dipartimento di Fisica "Marconi"


10/07/20 - New paper by Costantino, with Massimo, and Paolo [Boson star alert]
04/04/20 - New paper by Margherita, with Kaze, Ema, Valeria and Sathya  [BH vs NS]
27/04/20 - New paper with Nicola, Leo and Thomas [scalar charge's bounty]
07/04/20 - Second paper of Gabriel Piovano! [detailed companion of the first one]
18/03/20 - First paper of our PhD student Gabriel Piovano on EMRIs and exotic compact object


I was born in a small town in the deep south of Italy, where I grew up until I moved to the most beautiful city in the World, to study theoretical physics.


In January 2013 I defended my Ph.D. thesis Tidal Interaction in Compact Binary systems, under the supervision of Prof. Valeria Ferrari. Immediately after, I visited for 6 months the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation in Portsmouth, where I started collaborating with Prof. Marco Bruni to study cosmological density perturbations in the early Universe.


In 2013, I was VESF postdoctoral fellow, and then postdoctoral researcher in the gravity group at Sapienza University of Rome. My work focused on describing the interaction of black-hole and neutron star binaries in the last phases of their evolution. After that, from January 2015, I spent 6 months at the Center for Relativistic Astrophysics in Atlanta, in the group led by Prof. Pablo Laguna. The 1st of October of 2015 I joined, as postdoc, the Theoretical Astrophysical Group of Prof. Kostas Kokkotas, at the University of Tuebingen. After two years, in October 2017, I moved to Lisbon, where I have been postdoctoral researcher at CENTRA, in the grit group led by Prof. Vitor Cardoso. 

I finally came back to R(h)ome in October 2018, as a researcher of the Gravity Theory and Gravitational wave phenomenology Group at the University "Sapienza". You can find me in the old department of Physics "Marconi", just close to the Minerva statue.

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When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable,

must be the truth (S.H.)

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